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We are a K-6, small, school located in the beautiful Blue Mountains. We offer quality, faith-based education in modern, well-resourced facilities.

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St Canice's Primary Katoomba Principal

A welcome message from St Canice's Primary Principal, Miriam Meaney.



Our Story at St Canice's Primary Katoomba

Our Catholic faith is celebrated as part of our everyday school life. We seek to share our faith and teach our students to love one another, the world, and God.



St Canice's Primary Katoomba News

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What we offer at St Canice's Katoomba

St Canice's Primary Katoomba Student Wellbeing

A Warm, Welcoming Community

When you enrol at St Canice's Primary School, you become a part of an inclusive learning community that respects and values all within our reach. It is our aim to enrich student wellbeing through connecting and working closely with one another. We are proud to be an active part of our local Blue Mountains community and encourage in our students a sense of local pride and responsibility.

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St Canice's Primary Katoomba Blue Mountains

A Peaceful Place to Learn

Located in the heart of Katoomba, the grounds of St Canice's have views of the Jamison Valley, a spectacular section of the Blue Mountains National Park. We are fortunate to be able to offer our students a peaceful place to learn surrounded by so much natural beauty. Our school has an abundance of green space, including an indigenous garden, for our students to participate in healthy outdoor activities and play. We also have easy access to Before and After School care.

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St Canice's Primary Katoomba Personalised Learning

Learning Tailored to Your Child

Recognising that every student is unique and that individuals learn in different ways, learning at St Canice's is personalised and student-centred. From day one in the classroom our teachers look at each student’s progress and provide personalised learning to suit their individual needs and abilities. We encourage parents to help us to become aware of their child's individual strengths and needs from the moment we meet them at enrolment. This enables us to commence the process of individualising learning.

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St Canice's Primary Katoomba Faith Formation

Values-based education

St Canice’s is part of the Catholic community in Katoomba. We are supported by our Parish Priest and have access to St Canice's Church on-site. Catholic values underpin all areas of our curriculum and everyday school life. In keeping with our Gospel values, we welcome all to our school, Catholic and non-Catholic. We provide a positive environment to support our students to grow in their own self-belief. We give them the confidence to cope with the life challenges they may encounter. We instil in our students a sense of social justice, providing them with many opportunities to reach out to others in their local and global community.

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St Canice's Primary Katoomba Dedicated Educators

Caring and Creative Teachers

Our teachers are committed to helping all students achieve their potential. Our teachers look at each student’s progress and provide personalised learning to suit their individual needs and abilities. St Canice’s educators are lifelong learners themselves, taking part in regular professional learning to ensure they are providing the best possible education to our students.

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St Canice's Primary Katoomba Extracurricular

Wider learning opportunities

At St Canice’s, we know that learning doesn’t begin and end at school. And so we offer a range of extracurricular activities that offer our students the opportunity to enjoy life’s learning experiences, both inside and outside the classroom.

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St Canice's Primary Katoomba Technology

Modern Learning Spaces

The learning spaces at St Canice’s have been recently refurbished and are air-conditioned throughout for student comfort. We offer our students a contemporary learning environment supported by all the latest technologies. Equipment includes digital and video cameras, interactive screens throughout the school, laptop computers, iPads and peripherals capable of multimedia use, as well as a wealth of e-learning resources. Wireless IT is integrated into our contemporary classrooms, and we have a media workspace suitable for sound recording activities.

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St Canice's Primary Katoomba Library


Our library presents an attractive and inviting entry to our school. It is well-resourced, with junior and senior fiction, and a wide range of non-fiction books.

Students visit the library with their class at least once a week to browse, borrow and return books. 

The library is also open for lunchtime activities such as dress-ups, art and craft relating to stories, and performing plays. Students have the opportunity to become library monitors and are responsible for helping to return books and keeping the library tidy.

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St Canice's Primary Katoomba Learning Facilities

Additional Facilities

The school also has access to the following facilities:

  • grassed playground, basketball court, handball courts, sandpits, cubbyhouse, shaded areas and play equipment, all of which is used to promote outdoor activities
  • a Parish hall which is used for music, sport, dance, liturgies and night time productions
  • an outsourced canteen company which promotes healthy, homemade meals. Orders are made online and delivered each Monday and Friday.
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St Canice's Primary has a number of policies and procedures that govern various aspects of our school life. Learn how we operate.

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The Annual School Report provides parents and the wider school community with accurate information about various aspects of school performance and development.

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